Pure Tuber Apk 2022 – No ADs Tube and Free Advanced Premium Mod

 Pure Tuber: Block Ads on Video Mod Apk: Download Pure Tuber apk and get rid of ads to watch the smooth video in the background or popups! Pure Tuber blocks ads when you watch YouTube videos.

Adblocker – Block ads for video by pure Tuber Apk 

Block ads for video free premium have collected millions ad-free via AI engine, bringing you an unexpected watching experience

You can watch all Tube videos ad-free with the Ad Guard Video Player

This pop-up blocking tool also blocks pop-up advertisements. To remove unwanted pop-ups or ads, turn on an ad-blocking program

Auto Skip Ads Blocks Advertisements and Filters All Video Ads with an in-built free Adblocker

Background Video Player

You can play a video in the background. The video will play even if you close Pure Tuber.
You can use the Minimize function on your computer to make Tube videos fit in a tiny resizable, movable window at the corner of the screen. You can now play any of your favorite games, check your emails, or do other tasks!

Floating Audio Player

  • Plays videos in the Floating Popup Mode
  • You can play in full-screen or floating popup mode, depending on your preference
  • Up To 8K Resolution
  • Video resolution limit by default
  • You can play video at all resolutions, from 144p up to 8K, and enjoy the most enjoyable user experience.


  • Block all Video Ads
  • You don’t need other plug-ins like microG manager
  • Advanced Tube video resolution maximum by default
  • The floating popup play mode
  • Background player power and data
  • Save your favorite video or music to bookmark


1. Pure Tuber Block Ads for Premium Video Free is an API that allows third-party tube users to block ads. All videos come from API Services.

2. Pure Tuber adheres to the API Terms and Conditions of Use.

3. YouTube’s Terms of Service prohibit us from displaying videos on YouTube without screen lock or allowing you to download songs.


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